Sim Streamer, hardcore Sim racer or content creator? Either way, we are giving away free pairs of Antec GripX sim racing socks! We guarantee you'll love how they feel. Just contact us directly by emailing with your streamer details (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, or any other platform) or iRacing information and we'll work with you on getting a pair! 

Lightning Fast Agility

Ever feel yourself slipping when trying to make quick heal/toe movements or unstable under hard braking? Your socks or sweaty feet are likely to blame, they slip beneath you and limit your driving ability. Unleash your true racing potential by investing in socks that can keep up with your quickest foot movements.

Moisture-Wicking Blend

We understand how horrible sweaty socks are to wear, so we made sure to engineer our socks from a highly-breathable cotton blend. While thick enough to ensure comfort and warmth, they are constructed from a blend that avoids possible moisture build-up.

Forget about Blisters!

Blisters are caused by the slippage between your feet, socks and shoes over an extended period of time. By applying grips between all these layers, you can stop worrying about blisters forming and sore feet after exercise as the slipping will be eliminated.

Long distance driving, sports and comfortable on flights

These socks are suitable for a number of situations. Long distance driving, long haul flights and can even be used for athletic events to prevent foot to shoe slippage. The GripX are perfect for all situations!


Socks for Life

We're confident that your socks will stand the test of time and prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment. Our socks are built to last and as such, you'll be hard-pressed to find a disappointed AntecPlay Sim Sock customer.