Antec PSU Cables, Sleeved Cable Extension 3080 Kit

Color: Black

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Antec premium Sleeved Cable Extension 3080  Kit - features fully shielded and multi-layered with 16 AWG high-quality copper strands. PC cable combs ensure cable separation and increased airflow while maintaining an organized look inside your PC and keep your cables in a tidy arrangement.

High Performance 16AWG Cable Diameter

  • The smaller the number of AWG, the thicker the cable diameter and the higher the copper content.
  • Thicker cables are endowed with better physical strength and lower electronic resistance, and more current allowable value.
  • It can avoid safety accidents caused by cable heating when operating a platform with high power consumption.

Regular Length

The cable length is 300mm, which ensures that it will not occupy limited space in the chassis when installing the extension cable.







Physical Stability

The cable is hard, rigid and flexible. Before installation, it is recommended to use cable combs to shape the cable to the desired degree. Once these cables are formed, they will not sag, shrink or expand, interfering with any other components.




Industrial-grade Interface

The wire connecter is made of high-quality materials, and is precisely assembled by machining. It can be plug and unplug smoothly, and provide the stability connection.






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